Every year Integrity employees anticipate gathering on a night in December to celebrate the Christmas season together hosted by our owners, Jeff and Ann Brannon. What used to be a small gathering in our owners home has now turned into a larger affair of around 50 people! This year our party was held at a bigger venue to accommodate the growth in our company. The setting was festive and cozy with Christmas decorations gracing the tables and a large Christmas tree lighting up the fireplace area.
Integrity Christmas party in Greer South Carolina
Integrity Christmas parties are always lively, yet relaxing with employees and their spouses casually mingling, catching up on life outside of work. Jeff Brannon was right in the midst of the crowd doing his best to greet each employee and their significant other. His desire to care for his employees was so evident as he took time conversing with each guest. This gesture may seem insignificant, but it sets the tone for a caring company culture.
Integrity Christmas party Greenville South Carolina
The evening began with introductions of new employees and their guests. This was directly followed by enjoying a sumptuous feast. The catered meal was served buffet style and included mouth watering beef, potatoes seasoned to perfection, a delicious salad, and of course rolls. All of this was followed by a sweet chocolate treat for dessert. 
Integrity Christmas party
The evening’s events continued with a spirited game of Christmas trivia hosted by our showroom manager, Sydney. There was an award for the top three winners, so competitiveness was on display in full force!
Integrity Christmas party

Following the game, Jeff took some time to introduce the first annual Integrity Awards. The winners of these awards were peer given, so each employee had an opportunity to vote on who best exemplified the qualities listed for the award. An employee from each division was selected  to receive the award. 

The Keep Growing Award which was given to someone on the team who demonstrated meaningful personal and professional growth in the last year. Other characteristics of this award winner include emerging leadership, receptivity to feedback, and adaptability to change or challenges. This year our commercial foreman, Elijah Tutterrow, received the award. There was a tie in the residential department with both Greg Smith from residential sales and Daniel Newton, a residential installer, receiving the award.

Integrity Award Winners

The Got Your Back Award was given to someone on the team that demonstrated a dependable, collaborative spirit over the last year. Other characteristics included voluntarily assisting others, building others up, and recognizing the achievements of their teammates. Sawyer McCall, commercial foreman, was the award recipient for the commercial department, and Mia Barnes, account manager, and Katie Wakefield, customer service manager, received the award for the residential team.

Integrity Award Winners
The final award was given to only one employee in the entire organization. The Gold Star Award was given to someone in the company who demonstrated Integrity’s core values. Whether interacting with customers or team members, this individual stands out to you as a prime example of Integrity’s heart and mission. The winner of this year’s Gold Star award was Katie Wakefield, our customer service manager and scheduler extraordinaire.
Integrity employee awards winners
As the evening’s festivities drew to a close, employees had the opportunity to say a few words of appreciation for each other and for our company. Every employee was given a beautifully crafted wooden Christmas tree ornament as a way to remember our unity as a team throughout the ups and downs of this past year.
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