Window coverings are often purchased for the functional aspects they bring to a room, whether that is blocking light to create a dark sleeping space or filtering light while preserving the view. But those that stand out from the rest combine functionality with artistry to create flowing movement within a room. And window coverings that are not only beautiful and functional, but also easy to clean, are a dream.

That is exactly what Norman® created in their SmartDrape™ when they combined innovative function and style with washable fabric. Crafted in the pattern of vertical blinds, Norman® SmartDrapes™ take these window treatments to the next level by constructing their drapes with a series of individual vanes which easily transition from sheer light-filtering fabric to solid by the twist of the wand. The fabric is completely pliable and is available in whites or grays with four different patterns to choose from.


Norman® SmartDrapes™ are a perfect window treatment for sliding glass doors as you can walk through the shade whether it is open or closed, creating seamless indoor and outdoor living. These drapes fit doors or windows up to 245 inches wide, or two smart drapes can be combined to fit extra wide deck or patio doors. Smart Drapes show off their versatility by offering stacking options on the left or the right, or even side by side. To clean the drapes, simply remove individual vanes from the headrail, fold the vanes into a mesh laundry bag, and machine wash on a cold, gentle cycle. Line dry the vanes and reassemble them when they are slightly damp, to continue drying on the headrail. Keep the vanes open until they are completely dry.

These drapes might just be your dream come true. They are versatile, elegant, certified best for kids, affordable, and a great solution for patio sliding glass doors! To see these drapes in action, view the video linked below. If you think these drapes would be an excellent solution to your window covering needs, register for a free in-home consultation and have your questions answered with one of our professionals.

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