Commercial Project Spotlight:

Window Treatments for Douthit Hills Hub Building Clemson, SC

The Hub Building stands at the center of the Douthit Hills student housing community on the campus of Clemson University. It offers the students dining options, a recreational area, a bookstore, and a coffee shop. The beautiful wall of windows on this newly constructed building allows for an open, airy feeling throughout the space, but the heat and glare from the sun was uncomfortable during specific times of the day. The design team at Clemson wanted a window treatment that would minimize the sun’s heat and glare without detracting from the view. It was also important for the window treatment to be motorized and automated to raise and lower at a programmable time.

Our commercial team was excited to be given the opportunity to make this space a pleasant place to be in at all times of the day. We used a charcoal colored solar shade manufactured by Mermet to block the sun’s rays but not the view. Programming Lutron’s low voltage motorized lift system to raise and lower with an astronomical clock allowed these solar shades to be automated, with a manual override if necessary.

The first step of the project was to provide shop drawings for the power panel, sensor modules, and solar shade motor locations to the low voltage contractor so he could install the cabling. Then we installed the shade pockets and roller shades. Finally, we programmed the astronomical clock for automatic operation throughout the day.

In the end, the team at Clemson was pleased with the easy operation of the programmable, motorized solar shades. The final product was a result of excellent communication and team effort between the client, various contractors, and our commercial team at Integrity.

Seating area in the dining space in the Hub Building

Programmable Motorized Solar Shades in the Student Dining Space

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