Memories of summer often include time spent lounging on a patio or deck enjoying a grilled meal with family or indulging in a late night conversation with friends. Decks and patios offer added entertainment space to a house, providing extra seating and perhaps an outdoor tv or a fireplace. They are truly like an extra room…until unwanted weather or uninvited insects drive people from their outdoor oasis.

What can be done to create enjoyable year-round use of your deck or patio? There are two products created by Progressive Screens that offer protection from outdoor elements that may put a damper on your gathering.


Exterior Screens block the sun’s glare from your patio or deck

Motorized Exterior Screens

Exterior screens provide a barrier from the sun’s glare on your patio or deck while also offering  insect quality control. These screens are an excellent choice if your outdoor space is bathed in sunlight from late afternoon to evening creating hotter temperatures as well as discomfort from the sun’s glare. Exterior screens do not block the flow of air through your deck or patio as they filter harsh sunlight.

Exterior Screens, housed in an aluminum track, raise and lower easily

Exterior Screens on Patio

One of the standout features  of Progressive’s exterior screens is their ability to raise and lower as needed with the touch of a button. These screens are the only motorized screen that can provide completely hassle-free operation” through the patented MagnaTrack technology.

The screen’s track system complements the existing colors in of the deck’s structure

Exterior Deck Screen

The track is encased in aluminum to protect it from the elements and provide a sleek look when installed to compliment the color of your space. The weighted horizontal bar that grounds the screen keeps the screen steady as it travels quietly  up and down the track, and the felt pile under the bar creates a tight seal when completely lowered.

Motorized Vinyl Shades

Motorized vinyl shades differ from exterior screens by giving you the ability to regulate or control the temperature of your outdoor space when these shades are lowered. Their purpose is to keep your deck or patio comfortable in all seasons by trapping the warm air from your deck’s heat source and keeping the cold weather out or vice versa.

Vinyl shades help create a cozy outdoor environment

Exterior Vinyl Shades

Vinyl shades are composed of a clear, sturdy piece of vinyl framed with water resistant fabric that comes in a variety of color choices. Choose a hue that will blend into the color scheme of your patio or deck. The clear vinyl of the shade offers unobstructed views of the outdoors while keeping out the elements. Enjoy the luxury of operating these shades through their motorized technology controlled by an easy to operate remote.

Installation Process

Integrity is able to install exterior screens or shades on any level of deck or patio

Exterior Screen Installation

Our installers are trained and experienced in installing both vinyl shades and exterior screens. They work diligently to hide any electric wiring that is required for motorization so that the end result seamlessly blends the new installation with the existing structure.

Integrity installers are trained and experienced in installing vinyl shades & exterior screens

Installation of Vinyl Shades

Compare the Final Product

Both vinyl shades and exterior screens add value to your house and your outdoor living space by bringing comfort in their own way. When you couple motorization with the screens and shades, outdoor enjoyment only requires the touch of a button.

Below is a comparison of exterior screens and vinyl shades in use in the same space. Each offers value in distinct ways.

Exterior Screens are very useful in the warmer months

Sun blocking screens

Exterior screens block the sun’s glare and offer insect protection while still allowing the outside breeze to flow freely across your deck or patio.

Vinyl shades are useful in colder months

Temperature controlling vinyl shades

Vinyl shades create an outdoor, temperature controlled environment and are ideal for hosting year round gatherings on your patio or deck.

Are you curious whether vinyl shades or screens would be an option for your outdoor oasis? We would love to assist you in evaluating your deck or patio to suggest the exterior product that would be best suited to your needs. Please contact us today and one of our trained professionals will be happy to assist you in bringing comfort to your outdoor space.

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